A Peculiar Struggle Part 2

What is really so wrong about masturbation? The enemy takes the battle to the gates by trying to cast doubt on the real sinfulness of impure thoughts.

A Peculiar Struggle Part 3

Jonas learns how to begin the struggle against sin and self, without allowing his mind to be hijacked by uncontrollable thoughts. The sword of God's word proves to be the only useful weapon.

A Peculiar Struggle Part 1

Jonas Agbo serves prominently in several Christian ministries. However, in the closet, he is battling demons which are threatening to overthrow his sanity. What is he to do?

Advent 2 of 3: Prepare A Womb

As we continue thinking about Christmas and how we can prepare for the arrival of our Savior King, we choose to focus this week on the need to prepare a womb to receive Him. Men, you can still keep reading!